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TILT-BTA Light Probe for TI CBL, CBL 2, ...

New in bulk packaging, excess inventory from a fortune 100 company.

It measures light intensity in W/m2. The output voltage of the sensor is proportional to the intensity of the light falling upon it. The sensor's range is from 0.1 W/m2 to 10 W/m2. For comparison: the light intensity on a cloudy day is approximately 8 W/m2. The sensor is direction dependent and achieves a maximum output when the end of the probe is pointed directly at the light source. The sensor is sensitive in the visible and near-infrared (IR) light range. This means that the sensor can be used for measurements of IR emitting diodes as well as visible light sources. The sensor is designed to work in air only; it is not waterproof. It has a built-in facility for automatic sensor identification.

It can be used with TI CBL, TI CBL 2, CoachLab, CoachLab II, ULAB, UIA / UIB (via BT plug to 4 mm adapter), SMI (via BT plug to 4 mm adapter), LabPro.

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